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Meet Your CEO and Founder

Meet Your CEO and Founder

Stop being the best kept secret in the digital world. Let your light shine like a lighthouse spreads it's light into the darkness. There is someone waiting for you to tell them your unique message and change their life.

Let your Super Powers shine! Yes, you do have Super Powers and a Zone of Genius. My Mission is to remind you that you do and hold that thought for you until you see them yourself. This is about YOU being your best self and scaling your business to Seven Figures while achieving your best health. With strategic planning, branding and the right systems and automation, this is waiting for you.

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I'm the creator of The Seven Figure Wealth & Wellness Program and the Virtual Toolbox. As a licensed psychologist, a life coach, a regional sales manager and marketing manager for a multinational company, I've been guiding overwhelmed business owners to get where they need to be.

As a business owner in San Francisco working with large corporate clients and as the head of a consulting firm on Maui, I have gained unique perspectives and insights into the potential we all have to create and grow. The bottomline is that I SEE YOU! Stop being the best kept secret in your niche and let's unleash your business to Seven Figures. 

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