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Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

Hi there, it's Dr. Sally Good and I'm hoping you'll join us in designing the life you have been dreaming about but haven't quite created yet. 

So, what can we collaborate on? Want those gremlins in your head to stop talking and let your Super Powers shine? Yes, you do have Super Powers and a Zone of Genius. My job is to remind you that you do and hold that thought for you until you see them yourself. This is about YOU being your best coach and using those skills to make those wishes and wants come true.

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Design the life you've wanted but were stopped by life's challenges. Reset and pursue your clear-minded goals. Invest in your future.

I'm the creator of the Good Gut Health Hierarchy and the Virtual Toolbox. For the last twenty years, as both a licensed psychologist and a life coach, as a regional sales manager and marketing manager for a multinational company, I've been guiding folks to get where they need to be.

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