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An Introduction To Launch the Rocket of Your Desires

An Introduction To Launch the Rocket of Your Desires

There are five modules in this course, each one bringing you closer to what you really want to design, the way your life will be in the real world. We all dream but implementation takes tools and you will find these tools in this course along with some exercises to cement them into your thinking and actions. Besides the course tools, we also have a course community that is within this platform where we can interact and share ideas, dreams, and successes. 

These are tools that you will continue to use throughout your life's journey regardless of where it takes you. Ponder for a moment what manifestation really means. 

The word "manifestation" means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In other words, manifestation is the process of making our dreams come true.

The idea of "manifestation" has actually become quite controversial in the field of psychology. The most common approaches to manifestation are the principles taught in "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction." Simply put, these approaches suggest that we can manifest our thoughts into reality just by focusing on the things we want. Unfortunately, these claims about manifestation are too broad and generic to be true.

But this doesn’t mean that manifestation isn’t real. We can achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. And there is a ton of evidence to support this claim.

So how do we manifest our dreams? In this science-based program, you’ll build the skills you need to achieve your dreams.

If you’ve failed to reach your dreams in the past, you’re not alone. Most of the manifestation tools and resources available are based on what is known as "achieve magical thinking. Magical thinking is when we choose to believe in something ever after we see evidence of its nonexistence  (Ogden, 2010). For example, we might focus on what we want and not get it, but we continue to believe that all we need to do is focus on our desired outcome. Unfortunately, this type of thinking prevents us from learning from our experiences and might lead us to be even less successful at reaching our dreams ".

So let's start over right here. If you haven't yet manifested what you want in life, it's not your fault. And this is a new start. We’re going to build the skills we need to be successful this time :).

Launch the Rocket of Your Desires : A Science-Based Program

The truth is that there is a ton of research that can teach us how to manifest things. That’s good news! It means we know what leads to successful manifestation. In this program, we’ll break these strategies down for you into 5 totally-doable modules.

The 5 keys to manifesting your dreams:

  1. Figure out what you want. Totally doable
  2. Set the right goals.
  3. Believe in yourself.
  4. Develop a manifestation mindset.
  5. Take action

You’ll not only learn about how these five keys can unlock your dreams, but you’ll also learn how to apply them to create the life you envision for yourself. You’ll do this through lessons, activities, and thought exercises that can help you change the way you think, feel, and act.

By the end of this program, you’ll have the tools you need to move forward with your dream, whether that dream is a fulfilling job, a great relationship, financial success, or something else. Let's get started!

Fear of Success

The fear is real. Whenever we aim for something big, we know we might fail spectacularly. We’ll know we’ll have to work really hard. But perhaps the scariest thing is that we'll know intuitively that this could change our lives forever. And that can be really scary.

Everyone focuses so much on our fear of failure. But many of us may be even more afraid of success. Success might mean feeling like the odd one out in our friend group. It might mean having more responsibility than we really want. It could lead to resentment from family members. Or, it can even cause confusion about our own self-concept.

We might ask ourselves if we manifest our wildest dreams, who are we then? How do we interact with others in the world? How will we spend our mental energy if we’re no longer wishing for this thing we’ve always wanted? Would we feel like imposters in our lives?

I'm not trying to focus on the negatives of manifestation. I'm only trying to help you explore whether you have these fears and whether they might be holding you back from going after what you really want.

Exercise: Create an authentic definition of success

If fear of success is something that might be preventing you from manifesting what you want, it’s likely because you haven’t yet gotten clear on your authentic definition of success. The parts that you don’t want may be exceeding the parts that you do want, and that can thwart your progress. So let’s redefine success in terms that are congruent with your authentic self. 

First ask yourself:

  • Is there anything about success that is scary?
  • If you succeed, is there anything you’ll have to do that you don’t want to do?
  • Do you have any negative feelings about people who are successful?

Next, let’s redefine success in a way that feels less scary and like a better fit. For example, if you want to manifest career success and you imagine success includes 50-hour workweeks, then let’s clarify that your definition of career success is working a 20-hour workweek. Or, if you want to manifest relationship success and you imagine success includes doing whatever the other person wants then let’s clarify that your definition of success is keeping your friends, your hobbies, and your ability to choose what you want to do.

Write out exactly what your definition of success is—a definition that feels good and you has fewer downsides.

How they feel moving through your body or mind.

Now look at yourself in your mind's eye. Do you look happy? Are you smiling? Notice how these positive emotions look on your face and the attitude how you have now that you’re moving towards your goal. Again, pause to savor these feelings. Hold on to them for just another moment until they start to fade.

Ask yourself:

  • Does living this life feel good?
  • Does living this life feel authentic?
  • Does living this life feel real?

Anytime you’re feeling disconnected from your goal, come back to this visualization.

Staying Motivated

Big dreams don’t come true overnight. Motivation—or the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors—is needed if we are to turn our goals and dreams into reality. So let’s explore some strategies for staying motivated.

Cost-benefit analysis

Some people suggest that motivation can be determined with a formula where 'intention to try' is determined from a cost-benefit analysis. When the benefits outweigh the costs (e.g., effort, difficulty, challenges) the potential outcome is worth the effort and therefore we are motivated to do it. As soon as this scale tips, the outcome is no longer worth the effort, and motivation goes down (Brehm & Self, 1989). So it behooves us to create our own cost-benefit analysis and make sure that our goals are not too costly or difficult to achieve. If they are, we can modify our goals, break them into smaller pieces, or give ourselves more time for each smaller goal.

Anyone who's ever been on a diet can attest to this strategy. Having a cookie every now and then or exercising a little less can really help keep motivation up. So be sure to be realistic with yourself. It's okay to set goals slightly out of reach if that motivates you. Just be sure not to set unrealistic goals where the costs outweigh the benefits.

Motivation equation

Another perspective on motivation combines many of the things we've already discussed and shows how they contribute to successful manifestation. More specifically, it combines 1.) how bad it is not achieving the goal, 2.) how good it would be to achieve the goal, and 3.) the perceived probability that our actions will affect 1 and 2 (Brehm & Self, 1989). This is similar to the cost-benefit analysis except it takes into consideration our mindset and beliefs and how they crucially affect how likely we are to manifest what we set out to manifest.

Make your environment work for you

Our environment—the people and things all around us—can help or hurt our ability to stick to our goals. That means we can set up our surroundings to help us reach our goals. For example, if you want to go running each morning, you might leave your running shoes by your bedside. Then you’ll see them right when you wake up and encourage yourself to go running. I do something similar by leaving my vitamins by my teacup. Then when I make my morning tea, I remember to take my vitamin.

"Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise, it's your choice"

Is your desire to succeed greater than your fear? If so, then please send a message and book a virtual coffee call . Together, we will co-create solutions to bring greater well-being to your personal and professional life.