NEW Podcast with Dr. Sally exploring aspects of Gut health including its affect on your menopause journey.

Preventing Dementia Through Gentle Lifestyle Changes with Einav Avni

Preventing Dementia Through Gentle Lifestyle Changes with Einav Avni

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Ways to Prevent Dementia and how the Gut Microbiome is implicated.

In today's episode, we are joined by Dr. Sally Good, a clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience working with elders. Dr. Good has observed the impact of lifestyle choices on cognitive health among the elderly and has valuable insights to share. Join us as Dr Good discusses the importance of socialisation, nutrition, and mindfulness in preventing dementia and improving overall well-being. From the role of gut health to the link between diet and cognitive function, Dr. Good offers practical advice for making gentle lifestyle changes to support brain health. Get ready for an enlightening conversation on how small steps can lead to significant improvements and the power of gratitude in shaping our neurological well-being.

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